A Brief introduction to our Materials

Tai Thai is manufacturing of rubber parts in different materials per customer’s request. We can advise proper comments for your reference as well.


NBR – Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Buna-N

Excellent resistance to oil, heat, abrasion.Suitable for oil seals, rollers, electro conductive items...etc.

EPDM – Ethylene Propylene

Excellent resistance to weather, ozone, water, steam. Good elasticity.Suitable for automotive, brake items, water tubes, vibration absorbers...etc.

SILICONE (solid)

Excellent resistance to ozone, weather. It got stable physical that can remain useful over a wide temperature range from 60℃ to 250℃.Suitable for electronics parts, medical items, cooking bowl…etc.

NEOPRENE(CR) – Chloroprene Rubber

Excellent resistance to heat, weather, ozone,sun. Performs well in contact with oil and chemicals. Resists burning inherently.Suitable for automotive components, hoses, aerospace parts.


Excellent resistance to chemical, heat, ozone, oil, weather, lubrication, solvent.Suitable for automotive industries as well as gaskets, Orings, seals for various industries.

SBR – Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Excellent resistance to heat aging,abrasion, oil.

Suitable for tires, rollers, hoses, components of medical facilities, bushings…etc.

NR – Natural Rubber

Excellent resistance to abrasion. Good elasticity.Suitable for tires, boots, tubes of many industries.









HNBR – Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

HNBR is widely known for its physical strength and retention of properties after long-term exposure to heat, oil, and chemicals. Depending on filler selection and loading, HNBR compounds typically have tensile strengths of 20 – 31 MPa when measured at 23°C. Compounding techniques allow for HNBR to be used over a broad temperature range -40° to 165°C, with minimal degradation over long periods of time. As a group, HNBR elastomers have excellent resistance to common automotive fluids (e.g., engine oil,
coolant, fuel, etc.) and many industrial chemicals.